About us

Faith of Three is a family owned and operated company that includes Joyce Radtke, daughter Jennifer Johnson and daughter-in-law, Kelli Radtke. The idea for our coupon binder originated when Kelli began to use coupons on a regular basis. She didn't think of herself as “extreme” and didn't want to carry a large folder with thousands of coupons, but realized as she searched that there was no mid-size binder that would fit her needs.

With that in mind Joyce spent several months sewing vinyl double sided pages, designed to hold coupons of various sizes. We received a lot of positive feedback on the original prototypes from women looking for just this type of custom organizer. With a lot of trial and error, prayer and encouragement from others, the three of us took a leap of faith to have the binders professionally produced. We chose a company that would assure that our product was completely made in the U.S.A. The result was a practical product that is ideal for couponers at every level.

Our first completed binder arrived in November of 2011. We are excited to begin sharing this simple, yet effective organizer with couponers everywhere. Whether you consider yourself a beginner or an expert couponer, you will enjoy customizing this binder to fit your exact needs.